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The Reality of UHD HDR Deployments

Shipments of consumer television sets supporting high dynamic range (HDR) in the United States are projected to reach more than 30 million units by 2020, according to market research by IHS Markit. If you’re looking into UHD HDR deployments, it’s important to be up to speed on all things related to HDR technology. One thing…


Test a New Channel with Ease Using Video SaaS

How do you reach new audiences and try out new channels without breaking the bank? We have the solution that may be just what you’re looking for. Our VOS®360 video SaaS makes it easier for you to create new channels for new audiences, without a huge investment. Simply select your content from an asset library,…


New Skinny Bundle: Vidgo Launches with Video SaaS

Vidgo recently soft-launched a new skinny bundle live streaming service, which includes over 25 of the most popular Spanish-language channels from the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain. The new service arrived at the perfect time. The popularity of skinny bundles is soaring, especially with certain demographics. According to a Simmons New…


Learn How to Reach New Audiences with a Skinny Bundle

Have you heard of a skinny bundle? Does it seem like something you could be interested to package the right content for the right customer? We have a solution that’s perfect for reaching new audiences. Our VOS®360 video SaaS facilitates the process of creating a new package of assets that speak to your potential prospects….


3 Slimmed-Down Characteristics of Skinny Bundles


In the pay-TV space, skinny bundles are popping up everywhere. Wherever you look there seems to be a new skinny bundle offering that’s so enticing, it makes you want to subscribe. So, what’s the deal with skinny bundles, and why are they becoming the norm? Skinny bundles are slim. Cable operators and service providers have…


Video SaaS: The Smarter, Faster and Simpler Approach to Video Streaming

Harmonic Video Saas: Smarter, Faster, Simper

The media and broadcast industries are evolving at a rapid pace. Consumers are demanding higher quality experiences on an ever-expanding number of screen types. Operators want to satiate those demands, driving better-quality video experience on every device while at the same time increasing their flexibility and monetization. Through cloud-native and video SaaS solutions operators can…


NASA Content is Now Available in HDR Powered by Harmonic and Partners

HDR is still in its relative infancy in our industry, in terms of real-world deployments. Yet, a group of trailblazers that includes NASA, Harmonic, Accedo, and CenturyLink are changing that storyline. Working together, we are putting HDR technology into action and bringing amazing video from space — via the new UHD HDR channel featuring content…


3 Reasons SaaS is Perfect for Your Temporary OTT Services

Watching your next OTT sports channel

Media processing software as a service (SaaS) makes it much easier for video content and service providers to address the growing consumer demand for video anytime, anywhere, on any screen. Thanks to SaaS, providers gain flexibility, scalability, and agility in their video operations. As well as, the possibility to launch temporary OTT channels in a…


5 Best Practices for UHD HDR Production


UHD HDR is setting a new standard for high-quality video experiences. ABI Research forecasts that HDR TV shipments will grow at a 41 percent CAGR and reach 245 million units in 2022. Once there are millions of HDR TV sets in homes, there’s no question that HDR content is going to be in high demand. As…


Cloud is the Perfect Disaster Recovery Solution for Live Sports Events

Blackout screen during a match.

Can you name a single live television show that has the same power of drawing people together like sports events? When a major sports tournament takes place, billions of viewers across the world are watching intently on their TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets. OTT streaming is ubiquitous today, and it has opened up a whole…