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Video Disaster Recovery: Your Options Explained

Disaster Recovery Explained

No television operator wants to be responsible for a news headline like: “Blackout during Super Bowl Upsets Television Viewers.” But the truth is, sometimes no matter how much you prepare, outages can happen. If you’re the type of operator that has a solid video disaster recovery strategy, you’ll survive a failure. So what is video…


Our Look into Media Over IP Trends for 2019 – Part 2

Media Over IP Trends 2019

With standardization for the transport layer in place and the number of systems being deployed growing, media over IP is now a viable option for our industry. 2019 is focused on usability, and once this becomes readily accessible we can truly move from an early adopter phase to mass market adoption. So where do we…


Our Look into Media Over IP Trends for 2019 – Part 1

2019 Media Over IP Trends

As 2018 drew to a close it was possible to sit back and confidently say that previous concerns related to transporting media over IP using COTS networking were solved. The development of SMPTE ST 2022-6 for SDI over IP, and SMPTE ST 2110, with its more flexible method for delivering independent video, audio and data…


Top 3 Predictions for Innovative Video Distribution Technology to Watch in 2019

video distribution innovations

Video distribution is constantly evolving. It’s crazy to think that only 12 years ago Netflix streaming was born. Since then video experiences have never been the same. Today’s consumers expect a massive amount of high-quality content, anytime, anywhere, on any screen. If they don’t find the content or the quality they want, they’ll go elsewhere….


A New Look at Disaster Recovery

Have you ever pondered about taking your redundancy out of a hardware solution and into a cloud-based solution? Harmonic’s VOS®360 Video SaaS is an optimized solution for managing video processing and delivery, that also happens to be the most reliable answer for protecting your services – or even to protect your backup. Watch the video…


3 Steps to Get Your UHD HDR Ready in 2019

2018 was a good year for Ultra HD. Not only were premium sports events available in UHD, including the Pyongyang Olympics and the World Cup, but we also saw more operators getting serious about UHD HDR by deploying end-to-end solutions. On the consumer side, the sales of UHD TV sets continue to grow. More than…


Set Yourself Up for Success in the OTT Video Environment

The video streaming landscape is changing. OTT consumption is growing, technology is evolving, and new service offerings are frequently available. There are currently more than 220 OTT video services, according to Parks Associates. How many do you think there will be in one, three or five years’ time? And how can you stand out from…


5 Reasons Why SaaS is Your Answer for Live Sports Streaming

Delivering high-quality, low-latency live sports on every screen is the Holy Grail for today’s service providers, yet not without challenges. At the recent SportsPro OTT Summit, monetization, latency and Quality of Experience (QoE) were mentioned as the biggest challenges, followed by scalability. So how do operators tackle these issues and launch a successful live sports…


Is CMAF the Saving Grace for Live Sports Streaming?

At the recent SportsPro OTT Summit in Madrid, a poll of the audience was conducted to determine the biggest challenge of OTT service delivery. Latency ranked second, and it is an especially pertinent issue for live sports events. If you want proof, look no further than the world’s biggest soccer tournament, which took place in…


The Reality of UHD HDR Deployments

Shipments of consumer television sets supporting high dynamic range (HDR) in the United States are projected to reach more than 30 million units by 2020, according to market research by IHS Markit. If you’re looking into UHD HDR deployments, it’s important to be up to speed on all things related to HDR technology. One thing…