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Why Cloud-Native Media Processing Wins Big Over Virtualized Appliances (Part 2)

Why Cloud-Native Media Processing Wins Big Over Virtualized Appliances

As video content and service providers look to launch OTT multiscreen services with speed, cloud-based media processing has emerged as a solution that provides increased flexibility, elasticity and agility (if you are asking “Why Cloud?” read part 1 of this blog series). However, it’s important that service providers distinguish between true cloud-based media processing and…


V-Blog: EyeQ

VidTech Vblog_Harmonic EyeQ video compression solution

Let’s look at Harmonic EyeQ™, our new compression technology that allows us to achieve 50% bandwidth savings with consistent, superior high quality video to OTT applications.


Mobile Video Optimization Reinvented

Mobile Video Optimization Reinvented_Harmonic at Mobile World Congress

As I prepare to attend Mobile World Congress at the end of the month (February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona), I’ve been thinking a lot about the delivery of video over mobile networks. Transporting video over mobile networks has been a subject of interest for the last several years, and lately, it’s becoming a…


Benefits of Cloud Monumental for Video Content and Service Providers (Part 1)

Benefits of Cloud Monumental for Video Content and Service Providers

To stay competitive, today’s video content and service providers need to move quickly. Launching a new broadcast or OTT channel can no longer be a months-long process. With this in mind, many operators have started transitioning away from a traditional video infrastructure based on hardware appliances to the cloud. This blog post will examine the…


What did we learn from CES 2017?

CES 2017

CES 2017, the ultimate, fantastical La La Land for us “nerds,” is sadly over. But the first tech treat of 2017 certainly deserves its quota of copious reflection and analysis. I had three objectives this year, update on UHD screen and service rollout, a look at cyber security from a broadcast and content protection standpoint…


Software-based Encoding is Driving Momentum for UHD and 4K Services

Harmonic PURE compression engine

The broadcast and pay-TV industries are gearing up for the mass deployment of 4K video. Research from Strategy Analytics revealed that almost half of all homes in the U.S will own a 4K TV by 2020. Yet, as consumer desire to watch video content in higher resolutions and on an ever-growing number of screens grows,…


Eureka! The cure for poor quality ABR delivery has finally arrived

Codec optimization is becoming critical for ABR delivery. Here’s why: Consumer demand for OTT services is increasing at a staggering pace, and today’s viewers expect the same high-quality experience on smartphones and tablets as they’re used to getting on the television. According to Limelight Networks’ consumer research report, “The State of Online Video,” consumers’ biggest…


IPTV 2.0 is Coming – It’s Time to Get Prepared! (Part 2)

IPTV 2.0

IPTV 2.0 is upon us. In the first part of this blog series, we took a look at the challenges facing telco operators in the IPTV 1.0 environment, mainly related to bandwidth. Now let’s move on to how adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology is helping relieve these pain points as the industry veers toward the next-generation…