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What did we learn from CES 2017?

CES 2017

CES 2017, the ultimate, fantastical La La Land for us “nerds,” is sadly over. But the first tech treat of 2017 certainly deserves its quota of copious reflection and analysis. I had three objectives this year, update on UHD screen and service rollout, a look at cyber security from a broadcast and content protection standpoint…


Video Developments at CES 2015

Ignore the wearable tech and drones, it’s time to pay pilgrimage to the latest video developments at CES 2015. As an attendee for the past few years it was interesting to see the attention to cutting-edge technologies this year by-passed 4K and move straight on to 8K. Talking to a fellow attendee, who had obviously…


Key Takeaways from CES 2014

While working off my Christmas pudding wandering around the various halls making up CES it occurred to me that branding was more evident at the show than technology. Sure, curved 4K screens are impressive and I’m sure washer dryers large enough to clean an entire family in a single load are state of the art,…


What will 2014 Bring for Ultra HD?

With CES in Las Vegas showcasing the latest consumer offerings, this seems an excellent time to speculate on what will be big for video in 2014. Certainly there will be plenty of Ultra HD/4K screens to impress, but the key issue for 2014 will be how content will be delivered and will it be of…