Amsterdam Here We Come, What To Expect At IBC2016

Amsterdam here we come, what to expect at IBC2016

The change overhauling our industry will feature prominently at this year’s show, with IP infrastructure and software applications continuing to displace existing products and solutions. With the necessary standardization largely in place for IP-based video carriage, the more interesting work of redefining solution boundaries will become evident. Adapt and survive should be the theme for…


Frame Rate for UHD Sports Content

Opinions are divided on what frame rate to use for Ultra HD sports content. There are a number of issues at play. UHDTV is slowly pulling itself away from 4K movies, which have set the expectation for a low frame rate of 24Hz. While this might be acceptable for artistic content shot carefully for the…


Does 4K Need HDR to Succeed?

As mentioned in my previous blog, before the summer break, HDR has featured large on the agenda as being the missing piece of UHDTV armory to trigger commercial success for the format. Certainly the recent DVB-EBU trials in Munich showed impressive results, but how this technology will be realized, what production workflow can be used…


How Does Colorimetry Relate to UHD?

The initial justification for a move towards 4K was largely made based on improved resolution. However, frame rate has long been the parameter the experts recommend to give the biggest performance improvement over HD. A third factor critical to the success of Ultra HD is colorimetry – the science of color perception. Even if the relative…


HDMI with an Improved Frame Rate

It all comes down to what wasn’t said. Firstly, HDMI has asked the industry to drop the use of the numbering convention, confusing it may be but at least it gave the industry a way of establishing which version was being referred to. Secondly, the much heralded phrase “backwardly compatible with your existing HDMI cables”…