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Media Empire: Branding Our Channel

On this week’s edition of Media Empire, the channel is now up and running internally at Harmonic HQ but the next assignment is to add all the bells and whistles expected on a professional channel. After receiving a custom graphics package, Megan and Ruchir must now add these elements as secondary events to the channel utilizing…


Media Empire: Integrated Channel Playout

The 4th episode of Media Empire is now available for viewing. Need to catch up on the first 3 episodes? Then visit our previous posts to get the details. This week the team have enough content to start programming the channels, but the administration crew must first learn how to transcode the content using Harmonic’s file-based transcoding solution,…


Media Empire: Generating Programs

The 3rd episode of Media Empire is now available for viewing. Need to catch up on the first 2 episodes? Then visit our previous posts to get the scoop on this documentary/reality show that showcases what’s involved when building an integrated and branded OTT channel using automated channel playout solutions from Harmonic. On this week’s…