Top Video Predictions in 2016: Codecs and Standards

codecs and standards

Part 4 of  The Top 16 Predictions for the Video World in 2016. There will be a flurry of video codec and standards activity in 2016. HEVC: Are All Passengers on Board? You may have read about the HEVC Advance initial licensing terms that were rejected massively by the industry at IBC 2015. This has forced HEVC…


The Top 16 Predictions for the Video World in 2016

Read the Top 16 Predictions for the Video World in 2016

Now that 2016 is underway, there’s no better time than the present to start thinking about where our industry is headed in terms of technology advancements. Below are 16 topics we believe will illuminate Harmonic’s world this year. Each topic will be discussed in more detail via a series of 5 blog posts, with this…


DASH: Why is it Important?

We’ve talked about what DASH is and why it’s important, and how it’s poised to help improve the future of multiscreen video delivery. If you haven’t seen it, Streaming Media has a great interview with Microsoft’s senior technical evangelist on why 2013 will be the year DASH finally goes mainstream. But what does that mean…


MPEG-DASH Standard

You’ve probably heard of MPEG-DASH; it’s been all over the magazines this year, and there’s been a lot of buzz around it. But this is hardly the first time some new concept has appeared in a blaze of publicity – and sometimes, they vanish again just as quickly. So what’s different about DASH, and why…


MPEG-DASH: How Does it Work?

MPEG-DASH is a new ISO standard poised to help operators create a more efficient multiscreen delivery ecosystem. But what does it actually do DASH offers a playlist mechanism that supports either fragmented transport streams (derived from the Apple HLS  specification) or MPEG-4 (derived from the Microsoft Smooth Streaming specification). Inside each of those formats, it’s…