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Mobile Video Optimization Reinvented

Mobile Video Optimization Reinvented_Harmonic at Mobile World Congress

As I prepare to attend Mobile World Congress at the end of the month (February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona), I’ve been thinking a lot about the delivery of video over mobile networks. Transporting video over mobile networks has been a subject of interest for the last several years, and lately, it’s becoming a…


Making OTT Pay

BLOG_Making OTT pay

OTT is here to stay, with more and more consumers expecting their favorite programs anywhere, any time, and on any mobile device. OTT is having a powerful influence on home viewing as well, as more homeowners “cut the cord” on their cable television services and access an ever-growing array of Internet-streamed movies and other video…


Gearing Up for ANGA COM 2015

This year at ANGA COM 2015, Harmonic will showcase a comprehensive range of solutions designed to bring increased operational efficiencies and cost savings to service providers and operators in the broadband, cable and satellite industries. Through an integrated Harmonic solution that includes edgeQAM, CCAP and distributed CCAP systems as well as HEVC, enhanced AVC compression…


Harmonic Wins Big at IBC 2014!

Certainly one the most impressive awards we captured at the show was the IBC Innovation Award. Being honored with this award is a big feat, because the winning project has to show collaboration between a broadcaster and its technology partners in addition to solving a real-world creative, technical, or commercial issue in a manner that’s,…


ProMedia Live Powers Delivery of Music Competition

The 14th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition is being telecast live over YouTube, thanks to Harmonic’s ProMedia Live real-time multiscreen transcoder. ProMedia Live is being used to power the live transmission of the competition, which kicked off on May 13th with the Opening Gala Concert at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and continues…


IBC 2013: 4K, HEVC & Ultra HD

September is IBC month and this year over 52,000 visitors descended on Amsterdam for the largest broadcast exhibition outside of NAB. As always, new and upcoming technologies provided the major talking points, and this year the show buzz revolved around 4K/Ultra HD, HEVC, developments in second/multiscreen delivery, and the much-discussed Big Data. The state of…


Multiscreen vs. OTT

Multiscreen and OTT are two terms that get thrown around a lot, often interchangeably. But are they actually interchangeable? If not, what’s the difference? As it so happens, the answers are “not quite” and “subtle but important.” “Multiscreen” means different things to different people, but in the purest sense it simply means getting content to any…


MPEG-DASH Standard

You’ve probably heard of MPEG-DASH; it’s been all over the magazines this year, and there’s been a lot of buzz around it. But this is hardly the first time some new concept has appeared in a blaze of publicity – and sometimes, they vanish again just as quickly. So what’s different about DASH, and why…