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The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See Today

aurora borealis NASA video

The recently launched video “Aurora Borealis from Space,” was praised by Al Roker on NBCs The Today Show as “amazing” while the BBC called it “spectacular,” and CNN claimed that the video “may be the most beautiful thing you’ll see today.” But that was just the tip of the iceberg of how this video came…


Industry Spotlight: SKY PerfecTV!

SKY PerfecTV! discusses why they chose to work with Harmonic, and how our Spectrum media server system and Electra encoders are central to their hardware. As the established market leader in media server and storage technologies,  is the ideal platform for streamlining media production and broadcast operations and implementing file-based workflows. Possessing a modular architecture, Spectrum…


Centralized Video Storage System

The primary goal of virtually every file-based production or broadcast workflow is to improve efficiency. Advanced media storage solutions, now capable of supporting media workflows from end to-end, play a critical role in helping content producers and owners realize this goal. Centralized storage, which provides a single shared resource available to every application, as opposed…


VidTech InFocus: MediaGrid 5840

In this first episode of VidTech InFocus, Keith Lissak, Product Marketing Director, takes an in-depth look at: Harmonic MediaGrid ContentStore 5840. During this video he interviews Carl Davidson, MediaGrid Engineering Manager, about the benefits of using a MediaGrid system, along with the raw storage capacity of the ContentStore 5840. By the end of this segment,…


Why Video Storage is Different

Video workflows are very different from the enterprise applications that IT organizations are accustomed to deploying and supporting. Large video files and demands for fast access and real-time performance result in requirements for highly scalable storage systems with enormous bandwidth, consistently low latency and the ability to effectively support highly specialized video applications. IT organizations…


NatExpo 2013 Recap

The Harmonic EMEA tradeshow year came to a conclusion this week at NatExpo 2013 in Moscow. With temperatures at an unseasonable 3-5 Celsius, exhibitors and visitors descended on the Crocus Expo Hall to come and see the latest that broadcasters, vendors and systems integrators have to offer for the eastern European market. At the Harmonic…